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16 May
70th Directors Training Programmme
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20 Apr
KBC ~ Practical Guide Handle FBR Notices
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4 Apr
MBC ~ Ramadan Mubarak Iftar Dinner
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The Institute has embraced cutting-edge Webinar Technology to cater to its members, particularly those residing overseas or in far-flung areas, as well as other professionals seeking continuous professional development. The implementation of this advanced webinar technology has streamlined the learning process, making it a highly popular and hassle-free platform for knowledge enhancement.

The success of the Institute's webinar initiative has been further amplified by the participation of esteemed foreign speakers hailing from diverse countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India, and Pakistan. Leveraging ICMA International's webinar technology, these speakers have delivered insightful lectures, enriching the learning experience for the participants. Moreover, to extend the benefits of these informative webinars to a wider audience, the Institute has made recorded versions of the webinars available. These recorded webinars can be accessed through ICMA's social media handles on Facebook and LinkedIn. By offering this accessibility, the Institute aims to ensure that valuable knowledge and professional development resources are readily available to all interested individuals, regardless of geographical location.

Join us on our social media platforms to access the wealth of knowledge shared by renowned experts, stay updated with upcoming webinars, and engage with a vibrant community of professionals. Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn to make the most of this valuable opportunity for continuous learning and growth.